Overview of Strategic Themes and Thematic Leadership Groups


SRPe has five strategic themes aligning the key priority areas of opportunity and challenge with the research strengths of the Scottish universities.


Advanced Manufacturing

Engineering at the Life Sciences Interface

Robotics & Autonomous Systems





Our strategic themes and priorities are driven by the potential for socio-economic impact based on industry needs, national-level economic growth opportunities and challenges for society today and in the future.

Our themes are strongly horizontally integrated providing the robust cross-disciplinary innovative research-driven solutions required to address the complex industrial and societal challenges of the 21st century.

Under the overall strategic governance of the SRPe Board, each theme is lead by a Thematic Leadership Group (TLG) comprised of leading academic experts from across Scotland's universities.

The role of Thematic Leadership Groups (TLGs):

Our TLGs represent a national research resource for provision of expertise and strategic guidance to Government, industry and the wider international research community. The key role of the TLGs is to:

  • develop a cohesive pan-Scotland strategy for the theme aligning collaborative activities to maximize socio-economic impact

  • identify key priority research challenges and opportunities within the theme

  • work collaboratively across TLGs to align overall theme strategies and develop cross-disciplinary solutions to complex challenges

  • create and grow sustainable research collaborations across the Scottish universities, with industry, public sector, government

  • provide a coordinated national research resource for government, industry and the wider research community