Innovative Training Networks (ITN) Consortium Network for Training in Dielectric and Semiconductor Mirror Coatings (CONNECTING)

PEER Award Holder: Dr Carlos Garcia Nunez, University of the West of Scotland

This project involves a short-term visit (1 month) to build a consortium and submit a proposal for an upcoming call on Maire Skłodowska-curie Actions (MSCA) Innovative Training Networks (ITN) 2019 through a strong European consortium under the EU Horizon 2020 framework programme. Consortium Network for Training in Dielectric and Semiconductor Mirror Coatings (CONNECTING) is comprised of research groups in various universities (UWS: University of the West of Scotland, UoG: University of Glasgow, UoS: University of Strathclyde, UAM: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, CNRS: Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, UHH: Universitat Hamburg, LZH: Laserzentrum Hannover, UNISANNIO: University of Sannio) and industries (Riber, Helia Photonics, Laboratoire des Materiaux Avances, CALTECH) within Europe and USA, working in the area of thin film deposition technology and Gravitational Waves Detection.

During the PEER Activity, CONNECTING partners will discuss future directions of semiconductor and dielectric thin film coatings for the development of mirror coatings for the next generation of gravitational wave detectors. The PEER Activity will mainly consist of the organization of knowledge exchange seminars, meetings focused on proposal preparation for the MSCA-ITN 2019. Accordingly, the PEER Activity will allow potential research groups to be part of the CONNECTING consortium, and to widen their areas of investigation by collaborating with multidisciplinary research groups.