NAME (Nucleic Acids in Medicine): Towards a European Consortium

PEER Award Holder: Dr Katherine Dunn, University of Edinburgh

This project involves the development of a collaboration between the University of Edinburgh, Stockholm’s Karolinska Institute and several other organisations. It includes the research groups of Dr Katherine Dunn (School of Engineering, Edinburgh), Prof Björn Högberg (Department of Medical Biochemistry, Karolinksa), colleagues from both institutions, academics from other Scottish universities, industial partners and new academic collaborators from other European countries.

The focus of our work together is on the use of nucleic acids and nanotechnology to develop new tools for understanding, diagnosis and treatment of disease. This research brings together engineering and life sciences, and has the potential to deliver real-world impact through the creation of new technologies that will underpin improvements to health.

Funding from the SRPe’s PEER scheme will enable representatives of the organisations involved to network and develop research proposals. Our planned activities will promote engagement of Scottish researchers with European counterparts, and will enable ideas to be brainstormed and good practice to be shared. We will build on a small existing collaboration, building a stronger partnership, and widening the pool or participants to include other institutions and industrial partners. The ultimate aim is to submit joint applications for European grants.