Spintronic for Neural Sensing Brain-Machine Interface (NEUSENSE Network)

PEER Award Holder: Dr Hadi Heidari, University of Glasgow

This project is designed to make a substantial contribution to the future of spintronic based neural interface for detecting and / or triggering electric potentials at the brain level, in order to diagnose or treat different neurological disorders. It will strengthen the Scotland / EU innovation capacity by exploring unique ideas on the neural sensors for future brain-machine interfacing. This project will provide a cohort of exceptional skills within Scotland / EU which will contribute to addressing the problem of ‘implantable detection and treating of neurological disorders and seizures’.

Additionally, this will contribute greatly to future collaborations by creating new and improved trans-national collaborative links between the participants leading to strong future research collaborations across all participants of the network and, in the longer term, with them in their future careers. The strong involvement from across the public and private sectors, academic and non-academic participants will strengthen existing partnerships and lead to the development of new, exciting long-term collaborations.